We provide a range of services from immigration advice to complex case. Below are few of the services. Our success is measured by the way we deliver our services to our clients ensuring prompt, accurate, honest and practical solutions.

Application Checking Service

Our unique Application Checking Service allows you to get your application checked by an Immigration Advisor and ensure that the application is valid before you submit it to the Home Office. This service is targeted to all clients, who have a basic understanding of the application process but require assistance with some aspects of the application, or even surety that the relevant information has been included.
The service includes:

An appointment at our office with all your documents including the application forms. It is critical that your Immigration Advisor ensures that the application is valid, as there is no right of appeal for invalid application.
Completion of any other possible associated application forms or even just checking the application form you have completed is the correct one.
Paying close attention to the Immigration Law specific to your application particularly paying attention to the Immigration Rules and Policies, we will ensure that all the requirements are met and only the relevant documents have been supplied, bearing in mind that any un-necessary documents could delay an application or can even confuse case workers.
Editing your cover letter and adding any required information.
After the consultation, your legal advisor can be contacted at any time for any further clarifications.

Initial Applications/Entry Clearance/UK Visas/Further Leave to Remain/Settlement

We offer our best value for money service to our clients. It is a complete service package for all initial applications or those looking for extensions or switches to a different category.
Our advisors will provide you with the right advice for your application; we will further confirm eligibility for you with your chosen application.
This service includes the following:

Entire consultancy (this will check your eligibility to apply, inform you on how we propose to present your case to the Secretary State of Home Department (SSHD) and discuss options where required).
Administration services.

Completion of the relevant application forms (each section will be cross referenced with the documents supplied to ensure the validity of the application. There are important sections and document requirements to ensure the application is valid (not meeting the requirement may lead to refusal without appeal if you fail to respond within the prescribed time under The Immigration Regulation 2003 S1, No 1712).
Sponsor letter where required. We will discuss the requirements and responsibilities of the sponsors.

Collecting all the necessary evidence from yourself (we will cross reference your documents, create additional documents to ensure that the SSHD can understand where we have derived the information from and for what reasons particular documents are supplied and also exclude any un-necessary documents which can lead to a delay in your application and can confuse the SSHD).

Our UK visa services include:


Marriage Visa
Fiance Visa
Tier 1 Visa (General) (Post Study Work) (Entrepreneur)
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent (NEW)
Tier 2 Visa (Work Permit)
Tier 4 Visa (Student)
Domestic Workers Visa
Certificate of Approval
Romanian and Bulgarian Registration
Visitor Visas
Ancestry Visa
Indefinite Leave to Remain
Dependant Visas
Family Re-union
Naturalisation and Registration applications as a British Citizen
Residence permit for an EU/EEA national
F amily permit for a non-EU/EEA family member
E ntry clearance for non-EU/EEA family member
Workers Registration Scheme
A2 Accession Scheme
Immigration employement documents

Any other Entry Clearance or Further Leave to Remain Visas


We are able to offer Same Day Service at Home Office for the following categories of visas:

Tier 1 (General) of the points-based system
Tier 1 (Post-study work) of the points-based system
Tier 2 (General) of the points-based system
Tier 4 of the points-based system
Tier 5 of the points-based system
Settlement (indefinite leave to remain) using application form SET(O)
Settlement (indefinite leave to remain) using application form SET(M)
Extension of stay (further leave to remain) using application form FLR(O)
Extension of stay (further leave to remain) using application form FLR(M)
Transfer of a residence permit using application form NTL

Other Services

Visa service for other countries such as China, India and Russia

Documents legalisation notarisation, FCO, duplicate marriage certificates etc.

Subject Access Requests from the Metropolitan Police / Home office