Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence Application

For migrants to work in the UK they must have a working visa, however, as a company you may choose to employ a member of staff from outside of the UK to work within the UK, if this is the case you will require a sponsor licence. A sponsor license is in place to provide evidence that the migrant has a genuine job to go to within the UK, whilst acting as a pledge from the sponsor to accept the responsibilities of sponsorship.

The license will last for a period of 4 years and if you wish to continue the employment of the migrant then the licence must be renewed before the expiry date in order to continue as sponsor. The responsibility to renew this remains in the hands of the sponsor.

Following the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union and the fallout of Brexit, all companies who wish to employ skilled workers from outside the United Kingdom who do not have the right to work or live in the UK will need a Licence in order to comply with the law. The Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence:

  • Allows a UK Company to source talent from outside the UK. Occasionally, local talent is not enough to fill staff vacancies which, can affect your company’s productivity. With a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence, you will have the ability to recruit employees from outside the UK.
  • Required the Company to conform with ongoing compliance obligations. The Home Office will expect you to have robust systems in place to ensure that the migrant skilled workers you hire do not breach immigration laws.
  • It allows non-UK National employees to transfer to a UK branch. If your Company has headquarters or a Branch outside the UK, but you need to temporarily bring an employee to the UK, having a Sponsorship Licence will allow you to do so.

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We understand what needs to be done to secure a Sponsor Licence allowing you to do what you do best, run your business to ensure it is profitable. We take the stress away of applying for a Sponsor Licence which can be complex in nature giving you confidence of a successful outcome.

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What is a Sponsorship Licence?

Sponsorship has two main purposes:

  • it provides evidence that the migrant has a genuine job in the UK
  • it acts as a pledge from the sponsor that it will accept the responsibilities of sponsorship in respect of the migrant

What is the process to obtain a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence?
To apply for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, you need to:

  • Provide a breakdown of your Company structure
  • Complete an Online Application Form
  • Submit your supporting evidence
  • Be prepared for a Compliance Visit from the Home Office

 Responsibilities of sponsorship

In applying for sponsorship, the employing organisation accepts that they will comply with a number of requirements.

These include:

  • record keeping
  • reporting duties
  • compliance
  • Co-operation with UKBA requests.

Additional ongoing Tier 2 services we provide
Should the Home Office grant your Application for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, Visa Professionals can provide the following services to you in order to help you comply with your duties as a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence:

  • Apply for Certificate of Sponsorships
  • Visa Applications and Visa Extensions for your future staff members
  • Support you with your ongoing duties as a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence
  • Advise you with respect to other areas of UK Immigration law
  • Support and advise you with the Sponsor Management System (SMS)
  • Apply to increase the number of Non-UK Nationals you can employ

The licence

A sponsor licence when granted will last for four years unless it is withdrawn by the Home Office. The organisation will need to renew the licence prior to the expiry date in order to continue to act as a sponsor.

There are two categories of sponsor. Organisation will be either rated A or B. Most sponsors will be A-rated but if the Home Office assesses your organisation as posing a risk to recruiting illegal migrants you may be awarded or downgraded to a B-rating. If you receive a B-rating, you will also receive a time-oriented action plan outlining what you must do to regain an A-rating.

How will your application be assessed?

The Home Office will assess your application for a sponsorship licence by looking at three main questions.

  • Is the organisation bonafide, operating lawfully in the UK?
  • Is the organisation trustworthy?
  • Is the organisation capable of carrying out its duties as a sponsor?

Each application will be assessed against eligibility and suitability criteria.

The following guidance will outline how each of these criteria can be demonstrated to ensure you maximise the opportunity to be granted a licence.

The  Home Office will check whether your organisation has a history of unlawful recruitment and whether the key personnel nominated in the application form have been convicted of a criminal offence. If any of these aspects are proven, your application may be refused.

This aspect of the assessment will dictate whether your application will be granted an A or B rating or be refused. Each organisation will need to demonstrate that:

  • they have effective HR systems in place
  • they not have been issued with a Civil Penalty for Immigration Offences.
  • the authorising officer, key contact and level 1 user have no criminal convictions in their name.

The list of convictions that may affect your application are featured on the UKBA website. Visa Professionals can also advise on your rights to apply for a sponsorship license while you are visiting, coming to live and work in the UK. You do have to be a national from Central Europe or a national of the Accession States to qualify for a residence permit in the UK. You may already be living in the UK having obtained entry clearance on a visa from abroad.

How to apply ?

Home office sponsorship licence application is a complicated process, slight mistake in the application or missing the deadline to submit the information can make your application invalid or refused.  We have years of experience dealing with sponsorship licence application, we can assess your requirements give you a list of documents required with your application and also assist you in the applicant’s application for a work visa.

How can we help you with your Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence?

  • We conduct a thorough review of your Company
  • We work with you to understand your employment needs
  • We work with you to understand your management structure
  • We conduct a review of your HR policies to advise of vulnerabilities
  • We prepare & submit your Sponsorship Licence Application
  • We prepare strong and detailed legal representations
  • We help you with your ongoing duties as a Sponsor

You can Contact us for initial consultation or further advice.