You can be assured that your case will be handled with due diligence and utter professionalism. Our Immigration Caseworkers will review your case and assess the merits of your immigration application and keep you updated regularly, via email, telephone or letters.

How we work?

Step 1. We start with a visa consultation, this process involves assessing your documents, your personal circumstances and your past immigration history. We will then advise you the merits of your case and which application we believe would be appropriate for you. We will also advise you the cost involve in Immigration application.

Step 2. Once you are happy with our advise and the charges, we will you send you a client care letter containing details of your instructions and our advice to you. Once you have confirmed your instructions we shall then advise you of the relevant documentation for your UK visa application.

Step 3. You will transfer the agreed fee in advance to our Client’s account

Step 4. Once we have received all the documents from you we will check the paper work and see if all documents are in order. We will check the immigration rules and UKBA policy guidance to make sure that your application is valid.

Step 5.Once we are satisfied with your paper work, we will then draft a letter of representation to the UKBA and enclose it with your application.

We will write detailed legal representations setting out the particulars of your case and circumstances, details of the law under which you are asking for your case to be considered, and any human rights arguments that may apply.

We make it easy for the person deciding your case to understand both your story and how you meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules or European or human rights law.

Step 6. Your application will then be posted to the UKBA by secure delivery. We will continue to liaise with the UKBA until a decision has been reached.

Step 7. If your application is taking longer, we will update you with the status of your application at least every three months.

Step 8.Once we have received the decision of your application from the UKBA we will notify you in writing and invite you to come to the office for explanation. We will give you your documents back and close your file. Once your file is closed your paid fee will be transferred to our office account and you will receive your final bill/ invoice for our services.


Our Promise

1. Your case will be dealt by an experienced and accredited caseworker;

2. You would be able to contact your case worker directly;

3. Your Immigration case details will never be passed to any third party without your consent in writing;

4. We will give you clear advice and instructions, no hidden charges;

5. Your money will be kept in a client’s account until we have finished working on your case;

6. Our case workers are multilingual, we speak, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi;

7. You can ask us to stop acting for you any time during the case by giving written instructions (Administration fee will apply)

Contact us to book an appointment

Phone: 0203 137 8699,

Fax: 0203 137 0781,

Mobile: 07958 684024


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