Once upon a time the home office automatically granted European nationals permanent residence in the UK after 5 years and then the option to apply for British Citizenship, however since Brexit discussions began the Home Office now demand all European nationals and their family members to apply for permanent residence.

The application is based on your residence in the U.K. For at least the last 5 years, trying to remember everything you did can be challenging itself. The application itself is very complex with if being 85 pages long, you will need to provide evidence for all your activities for the last 5 years.

Once you have obtained permanent residence, you can continue living in the UK regardless of whether or not the UK votes to leave the EU.

Your family members can apply for permanent residence at the same time, speak to one of our experts today to discuss how.

our experts will guide you through whole the process to ensure no stone goes un-turned and your application is detailed.


Why Choose Visa Professionals ?

Competitive Fixed Pricing
We offer a fixed price service, this means the price you are quoted does not change regardless of the number of calls and emails you want to make to your dedicated case handler. Furthermore we promise to beat any genuine like for like quotation.
Dedicated Lawyer 
Upon instructing you will be allocated an experienced lawyer who will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your application and set out the requirements and explain how they are met in your circumstances, the lawyers we work alongside have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Immigration.
Fast, Efficient and Trusting
From the point of instruction our lawyers will contact you immediately to schedule a convenient time to conduct a detailed consultation and provide you with all the advice you will need. All the advice provided can also be followed in writing for you to reflect on. You will also be provided with a comprehensive list of documents required for your application. Your matter will be completed in a timely manner and well in advance of any deadlines.